ionic storage and objects: how to add a property

ionic storage and objects: how to add a property

Ionic has a really useful module to locally store the data that the app wants to save.
I use it for many things, for example to save the auth token the user receives after the login.
It is a very simple layer that automatically chooses the best available store engine in the browser.
If you want to go deeper

The usage is super easy :

The problem is when you come to deal with objects.
The api is not capable to add or remove a property, you have to replace the whole object.

For me this is extremely annoying, plus if you do it often you get your code quite “dirty”.
I decided to write a little provider that by saving a json string, allows me to add a single property to the object.

$ ionic g provider MtfStorage

To use it, you just have to import the provider in the component you like


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